About Us

European Pet Travel is an independent company based in Dover, Kent which specialises in pet taxis.  Our pet taxi travels around the UK and Europe, having helped owners get their pets from England to France and Spain.

We prioritise the safety and comfort of your pets above all else, ensuring that each pet has a stress free and seamless pet taxi experience.  We intend to offer you and your pet a taxi service which meets all your requirements, be sure to get in contact if you have any questions regarding pet travel and we will aim to answer them informatively and efficiently.

Pet Travel Checklist:

Please note your pets will need the following in order to travel:

  • ISO Standard Microchip (Your pet must be microchipped before it’s vaccinated against rabies. The vaccination won’t count for travel if your pet isn’t microchipped first)
  • Rabies Vaccine – EU and listed countries
  • Rabies Vaccine and blood test – Unlisted countries
  • Tapeworm -This applies to dogs only before entering the UK
  • UK or EU issued Pet Passport (New style if issued after 29th Dec 2014)
  • Third Country Official Certificate – if entering the EU or UK from a listed or an unlisted non-EU Country
  • Declaration – Confirming non-sale or transfer of ownership